What’s happening in Upper Norwood?

What’s happening in Upper Norwood?

Last week we visited our (very hot) site at Ravensdale Gardens and Rushden Close, one of our first developments scheduled for completion early next year, to check out progress on the build with our contractor Quinn London. The development consists of 30 new homes across three separate site areas, including 15 new houses and a landmark block of 15 flats.

A great deal of care and attention is taken when designing and building a Brick by Brick home. We work hard to ensure that everyone we work with, from the architects to the ground workers to the bricklayers on site understand that quality is absolutely crucial to us. We constantly review work on site to ensure that this is upheld throughout the development of the scheme.









This shows progress with our apartment block element of the site, on the corner of Harold Road and Beulah Hill which will house fifteen new flats. Works underway at the moment predominantly focus on the erection of the superstructure of the building.









This shows a part of the site on Ravensdale Gardens where we are building fifteen new 3 bedroom houses (this image shows where two of those homes are being built). Again, groundwork’s substructure and superstructure are now complete, and work is progressing to roofing and internal first fix.









This shows another portion of the site on Ravensdale Gardens where we are building three 3 bedroom houses. The main timber frame structure of the homes is in place and works will now progress on external cladding and internal partitioning and first fix.

Work on Rushden Close has commenced with ground works and from mid-August, the timber structures will be built.

Each of our homes is made exclusively available to Croydon residents first. Register your interest now via www.bxbdevelopment.com and one of our team will be in contact with you very soon.